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What we offer

Bringing the Power of Digital to solve Africa's learning challenges


Online Courses

Take a Course Today! We connect teachers and instructors with learners across Africa by providing the Sapphital platform where anyone, from anywhere, can take a course and learn a skill. No more boundaries. Are you an instructor? Come on board and teach. Are you a learner? Take a course and earn a certificate. 

Learning Management System (LMS)

Are you looking for a digital platform to host your learning contents that is accessible by your learners, staff, colleagues, customers from any location, at any time, on any device? 


That platform is called a Learning Management System (LMS) and guess what? Sapphital LMS is currently the most robust and intelligent LMS on the market. It was built so that organizations can have the best people, and meet their corporate goals faster and more efficiently. 

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eLearning Content Conversion

We have one of the largest eLearning studios today and we are experts when it comes to content conversion. Since 2020, we have converted content for a lot of Nigerian banks, government agencies, and international organizations like GIZ, UBA, FirstBank and more. 


A lot of organizations still have their training materials and internal learning documents in the usual formats - Word,  PowerPoint slides, Books, and Articles. These are not so appealing for digital learning especially with younger audiences. 

Now imagine if you could convert them into beautifully crafted, visually appealing eLearning content such as audiobooks, videos, ebooks, animations, infographics, podcasts, comics, or even music. 


Mobile Apps and Digital Solutions

Empowering Engagement and Innovation. Seamlessly integrate captivating mobile applications into your digital ecosystem. From native iOS and Android apps to cross-platform solutions, we bring your vision to life. Our comprehensive digital solutions drive your business's digital transformation journey.

We build, host, publish and manage Native Mobile Applications, so you can go digital and focus on your core business, while we take care of the rest. Experience the power of our Mobile App and Digital Solutions today.


Translation Services

A bigger part of learning is in the delivery, and English is just one of the many languages to pass on knowledge.


Now imagine you wish to train your staff or customers across different locations or countries and they speak different languages. You do not want them to miss the message and you want them to become experts within their local markets.  A recent trend for organizations is to convert their training materials into digital formats, first, then translate them into various languages. Our studios handle translations into major Nigerian and global languages. 

There is a Pan-African bank, headquartered in Nigeria, that we support to convert their learning content into English and French. Another Government agency trains its personnel and partners across Nigeria in English, Pidgin, and the 3 major Nigerian languages.

Online Academies

Empowering Lifelong Learning through our Virtual Education Platform. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we offer tailored online academies seamlessly integrated into client websites. Our user-friendly interface facilitates dynamic learning experiences with multimedia-rich content, quizzes, assignments, and discussion forums.


We provide custom-made course content and scalable solutions for various educational programs. Security and data privacy are paramount in our platform. Our analytics and reporting tools empower clients to track learner progress and enhance course effectiveness. 

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