Our Vision 

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Big Challenges need Great people

Sapphital has one critical mission: Use Technology, Media, and Local Languages to transform Learning and Education in Africa. Sapphital is the Education Alternative for individuals, teachers, employees, and business owners to acquire practical skills and knowledge to improve their chances of career and business success, thereby creating wealth for themselves, families, and communities. The world is facing a Learning Crisis and there are global organizations and Governments doing the best they can. Sapphital is doing the heavy lifting here in Nigeria and Africa through Content Digitalization, eLearning Content Distribution using its platform, and building the ecosystem of stakeholders to address the challenges of learning and education.

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Strategic Partners

Sapphital Partners with NYSC to prepare Graduates for the future.

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Featured Course

The All-in-One Social Media Marketing - By Femi Popoola

Why did we pick this course as our favorite? Why this instructor - Femi Popoola? This is one of those courses that you say - Dem finish Work. When we started a few months ago, we knew it was going to be a mind-blowing experience - the passion, the rigor that Femi brings, the contents, the delivery and of course his Swag and smiles.

WE highly recommend this Course - it is a first of its kind in Nigeria. 

This course will launch your digital marketing career, influence goals, grow your business or promote a cause like Non-profits. Acquire a skill for your current job or for foreign gigs.

Our Focus

Sapphital for Individuals 

Learn a skill and and stay competitive and relevant in today's fast changing world. Choose from a variety of courses covering several areas.

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Sapphital Enterprise 

For private organizations and public institutions, we do two things very well - an intelligent and user-driven Learning Management Systems (LMS) and eLearning Content Conversion.

Sapphital for Universities

With a library of over 10,000 contents, and an intelligent platform, we power Universities, Polytechnics and other Higher educational institutions to deliver the best learning experience.


Our Offerings

Premium Learning Management System (LMS) - with Mobile Apps

Our Premium LMS is for Organizations, Schools, and Communities to host eLearning content for staff and learners to acquire unlimited skills and knowledge from any location, at their convenience on any device. Our LMS comes with native iOS and Android Mobile Apps.  

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Content Conversion and Digitalization Services

We convert your training materials from any format into interactive and engaging eLearning contents that can be hosted on your Learning Management Systems. Your contents come in Animations, Designs, Videos, Dramas, Audio, eBooks, Music and more.  

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Online Courses (Free and Paid)

We have an array of High-Quality Courses in English and Local languages for individuals, students, women, youths, graduates, employees. Get the practical skills you need to start your own gig, or land that job or become a star in your current career. 

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Translation Services

We translate learning contents into any language of your choice, to meet the needs of your end-learners. We currently offer translations in French, Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo and Pidgin. We also offer special services in any other language. 

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Our Clients


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Abba Bello
Managing Director/CEO Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM)

Star Sapphire has been our consultant for up to 9 years and has consistently delivered top-quality services in media, digital and training. More recently, they launched their digital brand – Sapphital – which has partnered with NEXIM to build the Nigerian Export Academy as well as our Learning Mobile App on Android and iOS.   ( For me, it’s the long-term perspective and their service and quality mentality that makes them unique.

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